Revelation Cabinetry

I recently had the pleasure of building a completely new website for Revelation Cabinetry L.L.C. Their work is so beautiful that I suggested they invest in a good photographer and they certainly picked one of the best in our area! Their work speaks for itself, but they can build you almost anything you can imagine for your home including storage solutions, custom built-in cabinets, mudrooms, kitchens, floating shelves, kids rooms, they could go on.

They offered so many different services that we worked together and broke it down into 6 categories and this custom drop-down menu helps users to be able to get a quick glance at them before viewing all the information and photos on the Services page.

We also wanted to show off projects as they were building them since their other pages could never hold all of the photos and text that would require so we set up the Recent Projects page and created Project Types so users will one day be able to click around to just the specific item they are looking to get installed like shelves, arches, fireplaces, etc.

My role: Project Lead
Work Completed:

  1. I built a completely new and custom WordPress CMS theme using Bootstrap 5 that works and looks great on both mobile devices and larger screens.
  2. Custom loading animations were used throughout the site using JavaScript and CSS to give it a smooth and elegant user experience.
  3. I tested the site for accessibility and built it with accessibility in mind so it has a very high accessibility score.
  4. Google Analytics has been installed so they can keep track of visitors on the site and how many hits they get on the site.

Need to touch up your site, or build a completely new one like this project? Feel free to get in touch with me and I’d be happy to help!